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From Howe Street to Accra

My adventures working on the groundbreaking film Coming to Africa

Frank James IV

This book is a fun read that takes the reader to Ghana following an inexperienced assistant director as he learns the film industry.
Anwar had mentioned we were being met by PY The producer for the movie on Ghana’s side. Anwar said PY was well connected in Accra and was picking us up. PY was running late but his connections were in full effect. By the time I got the tripod there was an airport worker telling Anwar that PY told him to look out for us. This worker went to the customs people and told them something and we walked right past the customs personnel without giving one explanation about the equipment or our purpose for visiting. We walked out of the airport into Accra and I thought of that line from The Wizard of Oz. “We aren’t in Kansas anymore.” After thinking this I grinned because I could feel a vibe, a black vibe similar to one I hadn’t felt since the fall of Detroit. It was black people here baby, a lot of them.
ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781728358819
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781728358802